Thursday, December 18, 2014

My birthday is coming in a month!!!

Thinking of getting myself a birthday present for 2015
(and wish list to sister and maybe friends hehe)
It won't be much for her since I got her a PSP vita years back LOL

Well this is what I got myself few years back

2013 : My very first tattoo

2014 : Bday eve and Bday feasts costed me RM900++

2015 : ???

Wish list 2015 :

1) Daniel Wellington Leather Watch

I'm a watch lover and I am lack of leather watch now...

2) Tomorrowland 2015 DreamVille pass (this is a bit impossible as bday present >.<)
The ultimate getaway that I must be there at least once in my life.

3) LOBSTER is a must for my birthday!!! (this will be in daddy's bill)
This is a tradition for years... Disaster will happen if no lob

4) Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 3.0 shoes (but what size am I wearing?)
hmmmm... I love shoes too but I only have a pair of legs to wear those shoes I'm having.

Rest of the items?
Let them be clubbing session or feast will do :D

Thank you in advance XD

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Buying souvenirs from holiday is a waste

i found a bunch of souvenirs left in my house
those are the souvenirs I bought while travelling to other countries
there's always friends who requested souvenirs (maybe just for fun)
finding souvenirs is wasting of time, brain juices, money and space

basically, I didn't think about souvenirs before my trip
i will only remember them when i pass by any souvenirs store
then only i started to count on number of friends to give too
as always, there will be someone i missed out...

after i got the number i need to think whether do they like this
and i always think that they might like them as i like them too
i have to think for every group of friends as everybody has different taste
obviously that's not how it go 

bought lots of souvenirs back to home country
will bring them out and give them away when we meet
always forget to bring them along and after some time away
the holiday mood wasn't there anymore and they're forgotten

at the end of the souvenirs
they're hiding at the corner in my house 
will only remember them again when housecleaning
whose souvenirs are these again? 

i'm sorry to say that
from now on, i'm not going to buy any souvenirs for friends
i will start to do things a bit traditional now
i'm going after postcard, learnt from friend who travelled to japan together

actually, i don't have the habit on writing postcard 
well, i think it's not bad that i just write something random and send them to you
the place i'm visiting might bring me something that reminds me of you
and reading my handwriting could be memorable too

send me your postal address now (not email address)
you might be the lucky one on my next trip

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Limited Edition

You don't need to be perfect as nobody is.
You are unique as who you really are.
Just be yourself
That makes you limited edition. 

Do you know that?
I am very happy that you believe in me.
You told me something that nobody knows.
And you expect the worst outcome for telling the truth. 

Just that
I have to keep my thought to my own.
Whatever I say will be hurting you a lot. 
That's how I don't want it to be. 

I know that you're strong.
I know that nothing can hurt you.
You have been through the worst of your life. 
But me. 

I am sorry that this may not be what you hope for.
It's not what I hoped for neither. 
I'm gonna keep silent to hurt you less. 
So that you can keep walking.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Money saving

(Blog revived... trying to write a short one)

Suddenly something came into my mind about money saving. 

I guess it's normal that people around my age (25 ish) in my country, Malaysia start saving once they started to work.
Maybe it's only applicable to my friends. 
Why do we save money? Mainly is for property buying.

Some of my friends save around 30% of their salary (so do i). 
20% plus already gone for utilities (no running away usage)
I have been wondering how am I going to survive with less than 50% of my salary. 
Anyway, it's possible and it's been 2 years (there's some hidden sponsors)

These aren't my point for this. 
My main point is that we need to save more money for short term spending e.g. vacations.
I never save money for short term until I decided to go to the very expensive country, Japan. 
I was quite struggling for few months to save the money... (luckily accident happened)

+ some of my friends couldn't attend some sudden decided vacation due to lack of money
it's pretty sad to hear it

If it's financially allowed
it is always better to keep a bit of extra money for this purpose
Maybe this is for me only as I like vacation a lot
it's suffering to hold yourself from doing what you like when going vacation

Spend less on hmmmm... alcohol? (kinda tough too) save more for holidayssssss

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Name of J

If there's something you don't need
Don't replace it
Dump it instead
There's no reason for you to keep it

Monday, September 9, 2013

It's all from A to Z

It's been really tough
to pass those days
I've been trying hard
to forget that day

I used to say what I wanna say
but now I can't
I need to watch my mouth
to make you feel better

I should've dumped what I don't need
instead of changing it
keeping it there for no reason
Not that I'm being fake...

Every word of yours means something to me
But I think it was just me
I've been thinking and worrying too much
Just because I'm a typical capricorn

I still believe that that wasn't the reason of it
Cause I haven't told you that I did the same as what you did
And I reacted as how it used to be
It's all like a karma, what goes around comes around

I'm moving way slower this time
I tried real hard to hold myself behind
Just because that there's hope in me
and I don't wanna lose you again

There's always a reason
for every stupid moves I took
Everything was just for you
although I didn't like it

I threw my ego threw my pride
Earned my living earn my life

I may not speak
I believe that you'll understand one day
I may not ask
Cause you tell me eventually

I will keep trying different attempts
One will work for sure
I will keep changing
To reach where you are

Please wait for me
I'll be back for you

Sunday, May 19, 2013

No longer a listener

I listen to no problem no more
Got my problems now
Need to settle them before I gone crazy
So, keep your problem to your own
I don't wanna hear it

Free me,
Let me go,
Release me,
from trouble...