Thursday, December 18, 2014

My birthday is coming in a month!!!

Thinking of getting myself a birthday present for 2015
(and wish list to sister and maybe friends hehe)
It won't be much for her since I got her a PSP vita years back LOL

Well this is what I got myself few years back

2013 : My very first tattoo

2014 : Bday eve and Bday feasts costed me RM900++

2015 : ???

Wish list 2015 :

1) Daniel Wellington Leather Watch

I'm a watch lover and I am lack of leather watch now...

2) Tomorrowland 2015 DreamVille pass (this is a bit impossible as bday present >.<)
The ultimate getaway that I must be there at least once in my life.

3) LOBSTER is a must for my birthday!!! (this will be in daddy's bill)
This is a tradition for years... Disaster will happen if no lob

4) Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 3.0 shoes (but what size am I wearing?)
hmmmm... I love shoes too but I only have a pair of legs to wear those shoes I'm having.

Rest of the items?
Let them be clubbing session or feast will do :D

Thank you in advance XD

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